Wednesday, March 17, 2010

never thought i'd say this!

Wow, I have really been slaking on my blog! I hadn't noticed it had gotten this bad until tonight. I realized my brother-in-law 'j-braying' blogs more than me. I was humbled to see this. How could I have let this get so out of control? I think some of it has to do with the fact that Jared and I have been living in one of the least exciting states in the nation. Still this is no excuse! Although, it has started to get a little more interesting here, we recently got a 'Jimmy Johns' sandwich shop and the Dali Lama is visiting next month. That is a whole different blog post though, I'll try to stick to the topic today. Anyway, we have had some of the best experiences out here! We are really saddened to leave this town. Yes, you all heard me say it. (never thought i'd say this!) But I will really miss Montana dearly!
I guess I should give a little background to those who don't know the innings and outings of our life. Jared and I have decided that he should pursue his Masters Degree. We are going to move back to the the one and only utah, again:) This is good news! He also has decided to go after his high school senior superlative, which was "most likely to return to Saguaro High and teach" This gene runs in his family so he will be an amazing teacher.
So that was the background, another thing that I am going to miss (and never ever thought I would say) my job! wow, yeah. When I first started I was out of my Peds comfort zone and had to learn 2 new and very different specialties. I was taught by the best and most good looking team of Nurses and doctors ever here though! They changed my life. We have also had 'THE BEST WARD' here. Due to my lack of church knowledge, I don't know if they give oscars or emmys for that, but if they do I am nominating the Blue Creek Ward! We have some of the most charitable unique amazingish ward, they have truly been like family to us! Anywho, I will miss you Montana!!! But cheers to bigger and better things for the future... 
I end this post with a picture of booty and his friends that he made here in Montana. 
 Bailey 89 lbs. booty 8 lbs. (on a good day) Kona 110 lbs.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Sunday, June 7, 2009

MTV Cribz: Billings Edition

Hello, I'm Jared Bray. Join me now on an exclusive tour of Jared and Cristina's new home. We'll start the tour with this shot of the front yard. As you can see we have a beautiful, freshly mowed lawn about the size of two, foursquare courts - a perfect area for Booty to expel waste and mark territory. 

This is a view of our kitchen from the living room. It's cozy. Right now all you'll find is a bunch of milk and Chex®, but once Cristina joins me with some cookware don't be surprised to see me throw on my ol' BYU Cooking110 apron and put to use our brand new state of the art oven, stove and microwave. This is also the place we'll imprison let Booty hang out when we leave the house. 

Pictured above, we have our bedroom, which is currently bedless. And below you can see our brand new baƱo. Yep, my cheeks were the first to grace that seat :)

Last, but not least, meet our back yard. As you can see, we have a little padio for shish kaboobing, tree for our bird feeder and grass for throwing tennis balls to Booty. It's nice. 
Well, that's the end of the tour. Hope you liked our place. Come visit when you get the chance.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The latest..

So i guess jared and i have a few things going on in our lives that deserve a post... First of all jared landed his first news reporting job out of school! we are super happy about this. but his job is actually in good ole Billings Montana. So right after we get married we'll be going up to montana to live. no joke. As if planning a wedding isn't hard enough right? :). I figure im already used to living in a small town so it will be ok i think we'll survive.
Next, we had our engagements and bridals done recently.. and we were super pleased with the result. so for those who dont facebook stalk here is a preview of our favorites!
Sun Flare Shot! amazing

kissing pictures! :)

Saturday, May 2, 2009


We decided we should start with this whole blogging thing too since that is what everyone else does when they get engaged and married.  So here it goes... first post... 

So the other day I was looking back at me and Jared's first year together and I decided, "wow he must really really love me." Seriously it's not easy to put up with me and my craziness. Recently we have been saving up some cash money for you know food and stuff, like a roof over our head for when we get married. But Cristina had one of those days and decided to go to her local nordstrom:) While there she met a gay cosmetics sales man who helped her drop a few hundred dollars on mac make-up. Meanwhile, on the same day, different mall, Jared returned a pair of shoes that he decided he didn't need and with the money bought me a bird feeder. A day or so went by when I showed Jared the receipt and he calmly said, "Its ok luv, you deserve it," When I most surely do NOT:)

Also, he's been putting up with my dog booty, whom the other day Jared was supposed to take outside so he could do his business. But, Jared waited until commercial break to take him out and well, when he walked up stairs he stepped in a little booty surprise.. yeah get ready Jared, marriage is going to be sweet right, don't say I didn't warn you. Haha. Thats how I know he loves me.